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Ways the Afterlife Can Change How We Lead This Life


If the afterlife is real, what does that mean for how we lead our lives? What if the idea of “dying” was, all along, a socially constructed lie? Accepting the afterlife means coming out of a mortal paradigm that our lives are temporary. Objective evidence for the afterlife demonstrates the afterlife is a real, solid and functioning place. Despite what is often taught in popular culture, it is neither a place of non-existence nor a permanent merging into some unimaginable form (with a resultant deletion of your individual persona.) In fact, the person you are right now continues immediately after your heart stops beating, as you shift into the next level dimension. In this presentation, author Cyrus Kirkpatrick explores practical ways the afterlife can change how we lead this life, how to remain connected to our neighboring dimension, and how the afterlife information itself may be part of an ongoing “disclosure” process which will take mankind in very new directions.


Cyrus, author of Understanding Life After Death is finishing his new book, Escaping the Death Paradigm. Cyrus will explain how each of us can greatly enhance our lives, feel confidence and happiness about life, reduce stress, eliminate the fear of death, and live more freely. The key is knowing realities about the afterlife.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick, is a 29-year-old freelance writer living in Los Angeles. In the introduction to his book, he writes this about the afterlife: “To say this is an important topic is an understatement. It is arguably more important than making money, politics, careers and vacation.  Our lives are stunningly short, and very soon – you are going to die – whether from a disease like cancer, an auto accident, or hopefully a natural passing in your sleep.  Given this reality is fast approaching, it makes sense to begin committing time to understand it, so that the moments you have left can be enjoyed without having to worry so much about mortality – because what we understand, we do not fear.”