2018 Symposium

September 13-16

DoubleTree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

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Afterlife Research and Education Institute Presents:

The Largest Afterlife Symposium in the World

(also known as a love fest! 🙂 )

Featuring talks and workshops by 50 pioneering experts on afterlife communication and end-of-this life transitions.

This uplifting, insightful symposium will disclose current afterlife research conducted by a wide variety of specialists in this field. Learn what really happens after we die, how to connect with our loved ones and pets in Spirit, what your purpose is on this planet, and most importantly, what the dead want us to know about living.

Get answers, gain new skills, make connections, shop from many exciting vendors, explore Sedona and Scottsdale – and most importantly, connect with a community of like-minded truth seekers and supporters!


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This symposium’s experts will share:

  • What you can tell people that proves the afterlife is real
  • How to have a near-death intensive experience yourself
  • What physics is telling us about our eternal natures
  • The truths about afterlife communication research has discovered
  • Newest developments in recording voices from the afterlife, with demonstrations
  • Progress in recording communication from people who cannot communicate
  • How everyday mothers and fathers have learned to record voices of their children in the afterlife
  • How to hold physical mediumship sessions (seances) with demonstrations
  • The exciting developments in new, dynamic physical mediumship circles
  • The online zoom groups forming in your area you can join

You’ll also have the option to join for any of our eight additional workshops! These workshops, led by experts in afterlife communication, are available to give you hands-on, personal experiences and training:

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“AREI symposiums are life changing!” – 2017 attendee

Meet these cutting-edge experts in Afterlife Studies!

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Our Title Sponsor: Sandra Champlain

AREI extends our gratitude and a heartfelt “Thank You” to Sandra Champlain. Sandra is the author of the best-selling book We Don’t Die and host of We Don’t Die Radio. She is also AREI’s Global Ambassador.

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