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National Expertise Center for Dying in Nederland

Ineke Koedam has launched the nonprofit National Expertise Center for Dying in the Netherlands. It is a model for a center that is educating the public, volunteers, and professionals about death and dying. Ineke is the author of In the Light of Death: Experiences on the Threshold between Life and Death in the Netherlands, and has performed research with the eminent neuropsychiatrist Dr. Peter Fenwick in the UK.

After a career in business, Ineke Koedam studied at the University of Humanistic Studies and started a practice for dying and bereavement in the Netherlands. While she worked as a volunteer and coordinator at Hospice De Vier Vogels in Rotterdam, she explored the ideas of Elisabeth Kübler–Ross and Christine Longaker. She learned that in the transition called death, the most important concern is for the dying person to have the inner self in order. Since 2010, Ineke has been connected to the Foundation STEM (the Dutch equivalent for Dying Matters) as a freelance trainer.

Ineke describes the mission of the Center: “Through our efforts, we wish to share our knowledge, wisdom and experience with the Dutch public and educate volunteers and professionals in terminal healthcare and in the medical world to be better equipped. From our experience, we learned that more insight and knowledge reduces anxiety and enhances trust. We are fortunate to have the wisdom of distinguished committee members serving on the Board of the NECD. Members of the Committee include Pim van Lommel, senior cardiologist and bestselling author of Consciousness Beyond Life; Huub Oosterhuis, theologian, poet and author; theater director Adelheid Roosen; and Johannes Witteveen, former Minister of Finance and leader of the Sufi movement in the Netherlands.

More info on the National Expertise Center for Dying can be found at www.landelijkexpertisecentrumsterven.nl