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January/February Newsletter


Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., January/February 2017 Newsletter
January/February 2017 Newsletter
The Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI) supports afterlife researchers and educators so they can more effectively serve the grieving, the dying, and all of humankind. This newsletter describes our members’ activities and announces our upcoming Symposium.
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Members of Two Physical Mediumship Circles Are Being Physically Transformed by the Spirit Teams
The August Goforth physical mediumship circle and AREI physical mediumship circle have been informed by their Spirit Teams that the teams are changing circle members at the DNA, molecular level in preparation for new, unusual experiences to come in the seances. During the seances, remarkable physical activities are occurring.
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Video and Print Instructions Are Now Available to Enable Anyone to Record ITC Afterlife Voices
Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan have finished a set of videos explaining in easy-to-follow steps how anyone can record voices of Station Teams and loved ones speaking from other realms.  The videos show how to use the equipment and software to record the voices and how to identify and isolate the voices.
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Sheri Perl Uses the ITC Procedure to Record Voices of Children in the Afterlife for Parents
Sheri Perl, AREI’s Instrumental TransCommunication Facilitator, is doing readings in which parents call in by phone and ask questions, which Sheri records while playing the procedure’s background noise. When the recordings are played back, the responses play after the questions. These are examples:
Parent: Hi, Sweetie.
Response: Hi, Mom.
Parent: Are you in Heaven?
Reponse: I am.
Parent: I love you, and I just want to know, do you still love me?
Response: I love you.
Sheri will hold a workshop on the method at the
September 2017 symposium. On December 18, Sheri did a reading for a mother, resulting in 91 responses. Sample recordings are on Sheri’s Prayer Registry website at


Sonia Rinaldi Uses the ITC Method to Record the Voice of an Unborn Child

The ITC procedure used by AREI and Sheri Perl was developed and refined by Sonia Rinaldi, the brilliant Brazilian ITC researcher. Sonia first used the procedure to record the voices of as many as 163 children in the afterlife per month for their parents, with as many as 200 messages in a session. She went on to use the procedure to communicate with the lucid, communicative minds of nonverbal people with ALS, nonverbal autism, and Alzheimer’s. Recently, she has used the method to connect with the spirit of an unborn child.

The recordings are in Portuguese. In this example, the unborn child says ” Entra amigo, desde que eu puder.” Translated, “I will arrive as a friend, if I can.”
Click to hear.
Sonia will be explaining her method at the
September 2017 AREI symposium.


Mediumship for Non-Mediums: Teaching People How to Have Their Own Afterlife Connections
Co-founder and Director of Mediumship Research and Education for AREI, Susanne Wilson, has developed a workshop format that teaches people how to open themselves up to their loved ones in spirit so they can communicate with them
The workshop includes interactive experiences to help participants learn to enter a receptive state. Susanne will be holding a workshop on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona. More . . .
A Woman Plays on the Beach with Her Deceased Son in a Self-Guided Afterlife Connection
The Self-Guided Afterlife Connection procedure trains people to be open and receptive to communication from loved ones in the afterlife. The training is 86% successful.  One experiencer wrote, “Today I am actually at the beach and was walking along and came across two chairs together on the beach. Sat down and decided to see if I could connect with Josh. I went thru the relaxation techniques and the 20 count down. I felt Josh’s presence but I felt like I was forcing the visitation, then just kept on relaxing and then Josh showed up.”
More of this connection
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New Website Page Containing Current
AREI Member Activities
A page containing AREI members’ current publications, speaking events, radio and TV interviews, workshops, and other events is now online. This is a list of some of the members with events on the page:
  • Roberta Grimes – Speaking engagements
  • Craig Hogan – Interviews, conference speaking engagements
  • Suzanne Wilson – Speaking engagements and workshops
  • Barbara Bartolome – TV appearance
  • Marcella Martyn – New publication
  • Deanna Kahler – Articles, books featured, interview
  • Keith Clark and iDigitalMedium – Research, book project
  • Lori McCloud – New physical mediumship circle
  • Tricia Robertson – Conference speaking engagement
  • Rob Schwartz – Workshops
  • Ivory Angelic – Radio show, TV show
  • Stafford Betty – Interviews, new book, conference speaking engagements
  • Irene Vouvalides – Videos, TV presentations, interview
  • Sharon Plover – Interview, Meetup group
  • Victoria Talbott – Presentation, article
  • Ineke Koedam – New book
Susanne Wilson’s Platform Reading for Helping Parents Heal at Unity of Phoenix
Susanne Wilson,
Director of Mediumship Research and Education for AREI, gave a platform reading for members of Helping Parents Heal on December 18, 2016. You can see this talented medium’s reading at this link: Susanne’s reading
Afterlife Communication Symposium
September 15-17, 2017, Scottsdale, AZ
 The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., is bringing together the pioneering researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners for a symposium on the state of the art in in three key areas: the current state of afterlife communication; better methods of assisting people in going through the transition called death; and what we are learning from the dead about the meaning and purpose of life.
Partial List of the 25 Presenters
More afterlife research and education cutting-edge experts to come
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