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AREI Publishes Hans Otto König’s Books in English and German


AREI has translated and published Hans Otto König’s Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife: Scientific Research on Contact with the Invisible. Experiences of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) (Hoere zu! Akustische Vermittlungen aus anderen Seins-Ebenen: Die Geschichte einer wissenschaftlichen Forschung uber die geistige Natur des Menschen (German Edition). The books are now available on Amazon.com.

Evelyn Meuren, AREI director of translations in Europe, translated the book from French. Craig Hogan edited the English version and AREI published the resulting books.

Dedicated Spirit Beings in other realms have resolved to help humankind learn to communicate with their worlds using electronic devices previously unavailable to humankind. The Spirit Beings have chosen individuals on the Earth plane to team with them in this important work. The most successful pioneer on the earth plane is Hans Otto König, who has devoted 45 years of his life to technical re-search in his laboratory, continually developing new, more advanced devices to communicate with Spirit Beings. The findings from his research will be of great interest to the scientific world in general and basic researchers in particular, now and in the years to come.

König detected the voices of Spirit Beings seeking to develop enhanced communication with humankind on the earth plane for the first time in 1974. Over the next 45 years, he passionately studied the acoustic phenomena producing the voices, extending the reach of the technical apparatuses with which he worked far beyond what was understood to be possible; he was able to improve the signal strength and communicate with the Spirit Beings. They were anxious to share knowledge, so they participated in improving the technical apparatuses König was developing. Today, he regularly makes contact with the Spirit Beings over the connections called “contact bridges” and is sharing what he has learned with other researchers and humankind.

He has learned from his communications that the entities living in the other realms are at higher levels of being: the 5th through 7th levels. These Spirit Beings have been in contact with König throughout his research.

They continue to transmit messages to us that they want humankind to hear:

  • We are eternal beings. There is no death as an end to the individual spirit. “Nobody ceases to exist; every life is forever,” they say.
  • The universe must be penetrated and directed by the forces of the Spirit. That is why man is necessary in the Divine’s eternal plan.
  • The Spirit Beings have a great concern for what is happening on the Earth plane. They send the power of Love to help us.
  • They have told König that the time is ripe for an expansion of consciousness.
  • The connections will become stronger. The contact bridge will grow in power and capability.
  • Many people who lived on the Earth plane want to connect with us now, especially loved ones.
  • They assert that extraterrestrial life, other life forms, will contact us.
  • Good connections require inner preparation and a spiritual focus. Not everyone can make good contacts with us by special, more advanced devices. Stature and spiritual maturity are the bases.
  • “All is one.” We are connected to them in love. We are all a unity of life, even animals and plants. The meaning and value of life are based in love and the union with all that is alive.
  • The Spirit Beings know our thoughts. They report that they are “watching” us.
  • If we want to change the World, they say we as individuals must change our own worlds, within each of us. They assert that spirit overcomes matter.

These profound insights have been given to König by the Spirit Beings for the benefit of humankind. He is now anxious to make their teachings available so all people can benefit from them, fulfilling the Spirit Beings’ purpose in connecting with us on the Earth plane. This book contains the essence of these teachings.