Groups & Meetings

Explore afterlife topics through community with our groups and online Zoom meetings.

Find a Meeting

To Join a Zoom Meeting

To find a meeting time, please check the calendar for a meeting that interests you.

Before your meeting, please visit Zoom here at our permanent, 24/7 Zoom meeting location: Our meeting ID is 7595332928.

You’ll download an app (the download should start automatically) to be able to connect with Zoom. Please check your sound and video before the meeting – the room is open 24/7 – so that when it’s time for your group to meet, you can join in right away.

Recommendations and Tips:

  • Use a webcam so we can see your face
  • Check your sound and video in the zoom room in advance (the room is open 24/7)
  • If possible use a computer laptop or tablet rather than a phone as some phones seem to drop out.
  • Get the best bandwidth you can by closing other programs and staying close to your modem.
  • Come on time as it disrupts the groups having new people arriving halfway through.