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How Tarot Readings Can Help Increase Self-Awareness and Spirituality

Many people think that spiritual pursuits such as mediumship or tarot readings involve connection with something outside oneself; that is, people use these methods to either connect with spirits in the afterlife, or discover events that will happen in the future. In fact, both mediumship and tarot can be powerful ways to reconnect with oneself and enjoy the benefits bestowed by spirituality. In this post, we delve into ways in which both can help us feel more content and at peace.

Why Does Spirituality Make us Happier?

Recent research shows that making time for spiritual pursuits, boosts our mental health. Studies show that those who regularly take part in service, for instance, are happier and feel more supported by those who share their interests and faith. They also tend have lower rates of depression and find it easier to deal with anxiety, stress, and pain.

Of course, spirituality is a far wider concept than religion; it can be as personal as simply believing that there is a force that unites all sentient things, and recognizing that it has an important role to play in our lives. In essence, there are many paths that you can take to deeper spirituality. Meditation, yoga, church service, mediumship, Reiki, energy healing therapies and tarot reading can harness our spiritual side and can help us achieve greater self-awareness.

How Can Mediumship and Tarot Readings Increase our Self-Awareness?

In mediumship, we can use the messages obtained to make important changes that may be standing in the way of happiness. Thus, we can use our loved one’s experiences and yearnings, to make sure we do not fall into typical traps – including failing to lead a life of passion, connecting insufficiently with loved ones, or ignoring our physical, mental, or spiritual health.

Tarot can also be very helpful at prompting us to analyse things in our lives that need change.  The major Arcana cards comprise healing archetypes, while the minor + reversed court cards describe and issue and personality response. All these cards can help identify issues we may have been ignoring to our own detriment.

If a card frequently appears in your spreads, ask yourself what it may be symbolizing in your life. For instance, if you frequently receive the Ten of Wands, in which a character is burdened by heavy wands, ask yourself what aspects of your life are weighing you down: list each aspect down: the list might include taking on too much work, being overweight or lacking exercise, placing too many demands of oneself… Take the time to address, analyse and dissect each burden and to make a plan on how to remove or at least lessen it from your life.

Tarot, mediumship and other spiritual pursuits are far more than a way to learn about loved ones or even the future; the messages and symbols they present us with can be used to analyse our inner needs and conflicts, and to formulate a plant which will enable us to achieve greater happiness and wellbeing.