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AREI Is Helping Make a Difference for Humankind

“He’s at peace now.”  “She’s in a better place.”  “He’s in heaven with God.”  “She’ll always be with you in your heart.”  Do such common condolences offer any real comfort or peace of mind to someone grieving the loss of a child?  It seems unlikely. At most, they suggest a very static and monotonous afterlife, …

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AREI Publishes Hans Otto König’s Books in English and German

  AREI has translated and published Hans Otto König’s Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife: Scientific Research on Contact with the Invisible. Experiences of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) (Hoere zu! Akustische Vermittlungen aus anderen Seins-Ebenen: Die Geschichte einer wissenschaftlichen Forschung uber die geistige Natur des Menschen (German Edition). The books are now available on Amazon.com. Evelyn …

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Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Validations

AREI’s Self-Guided Afterlife Connections procedure is a training program that teaches people how to use self-hypnosis to have afterlife connections. The procedure is free, online at selfguided.spiritualunderstanding.org. The training results in 86% of participants’ learning to have their own afterlife connections. The training has eight stages. Participants must go through the training stages in order. …

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