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Physical Mediumship Will Demonstrate to People the Reality of the Afterlife

Physical Mediumship Will Demonstrate to People the Reality of the Afterlife

Today, a variety of physical mediums and mediumship gatherings, called “circles,” are emerging and growing around the world. AREI has its own circle with a physical medium and three trance mediums.

In the more mature circles, participants are experiencing physical phenomena in the room. The physical phenomena can be spirit lights, raps, knocks, touches of the sitters, odors, movement of objects, objectives dropping out of no where into the room, full or partial materializations, voices that come out of the air or a voice box created by the spirit team, table movement and levitation, and other such phenomena.

Loved ones of sitters in the room who have passed away materialize, walk to the person who is grieving for them, talk to them, and even touch and kiss them.

AREI’s goal is to identify physical mediums in the population who can develop their mediumship abilities and demonstrate to groups of people that their loved ones are alive and well after passing away, that they need not fear the transition, and that they can live their lives more fully and lovingly knowing we are all on this earth plane for a brief time, journeying together. Concomitantly, AREI wants to help circles develop to nurture these physical mediums.

Example of Physical Mediumship

Below is a recorded conversation between a woman and her loved one on the next plane of life was recorded during a David Thompson seance. David is one of the most brilliant physical mediums who have ever lived. He is living in New Zealand today. David is a materialization medium. That is a special type of physical medium who has people materialize in the room with a group of sitters.

The following recording is of a session in which several sitters including a woman named Sarah were in the room. Their names are provided in the transcript below the player control bar when they speak during the recording. A man named Nick materializes and speaks. Nick speaks in a whisper voice because he hasn’t learned yet how to project his voice into the room. It’s difficult for those on the other side to project their voices because they’re not using bodies to do so, and some take a while to learn.

Nick: Can you hear me?

All: Yes we can hear you. You’re OK. Yes, you’re OK, You’re fine

Nick: Oh my God. I’m a bit frightened of this.

All: It’s all right. You’re OK. You’re amongst friends. You’re OK. Just remain calm. Just relax. It’s OK.

Keith: It’s just a bit strange.

Nick: You’re right. It is strange.

All: It is strange. But it’s all right.

Keith: Take a moment to adjust.

Nick: Never thought I’d do this.

Wendy: It’s wonderful that you have.

Keith: Can you tell us who you are?

Nick: My name’s Nick

All: It’s Nick. Hello Nick. Hi Nick.

Sarah: Baby.

Nick: I can’t. Sarah, I want to see Sarah

All: You’re here to see Sarah

Sarah: Darling I’m here.

Rosheen: Sarah, speak up to him

Sarah: Nick . . .

Nick: Can you hear me?

Sarah: Yeah I can Darling.I love you baby. I love you so much.

Nick: I love you too.

Sarah: Don’t ever leave me OK. I know you’re with me.

Nick: I spend as much time with you as I can. I’m always gonna be there.

Sarah: OK my baby, just stay close. I love you so much and you know how grateful I am to you for doing this.

Nick: You know something, all those things that you’ve bought?

Sarah: Yeah.

Nick: At the college, they’re just lost. They’re lost.

Sarah: Yeah?

Nick: Don’t worry about them.

Sarah: Really?

Nick: I knew you was there. I knew you was there.

Sarah: Did you Darling?I do, I just, was I enough for you? I just . . .

Nick: Listen to me, listen to me. We haven’t got long. Listen to me.

Sarah: OK my baby.

Nick: Always remember . . .

Sarah: Yeah?

Nick: I love you with all my heart.

Sarah: OK.

Nick: I told you that just before I left you.

Sarah: I know.

Nick: I’ll always be with you. I’ll always be with you.

Sarah: OK my Darling.

Nick: Promise me something. I want you to be happy.

Sarah: I will for you. I will for you. I’ll make the best of what I’ve got here. For you.

Nick: Remember whatever happens we’ll always be together before we meet again.

Sarah: You promise me that?

Nick: I promise you.

Sarah: You . . .

Nick: From the bottom of my heart, I promise you.

Sarah: OK my Darling.

Nick: I want you to be happy.

Sarah: I will try. I am trying I’m trying so hard. It’s just such a shock you know. But I’m trying hard. I’m doing better, I’m doing better Darling.

Nick: You are girl, and you’re doing fantastic.

Sarah: As long as I’ve got you with me and I know I do. I just hope I did enough for you.

Nick: Yes you did. You were everything I ever wanted.

Sarah: I was? Good. I just wanted to be enough.

Nick: That’s why I died peacefully.

Sarah: You . . . oh thank goodness.

Nick: That’s why I had that look of peace on my face.

Sarah: Yes. Did you see me when I went to see you?

Nick: Yes I did. And everything you put into the coffin. I saw it all.

Sarah: Oh, thank you Darling. I tried to do right by you. I tried to do everything I could. I really tried hard.

Nick: You done for me what a man could ever want. More than any man could ever want.

Sarah: OK my baby because you know you were worth it. You don’t ever doubt how much I loved you and how much I will continue to love you. Don’t ever doubt it.

Nick: Don’t ever doubt my love for you.

Sarah: OK my baby.{Nick places his hands around Sarah’s face in an embrace}

Oh!! Oh I love you. I love you.

{The “whooshing” sound of dematerialization}

Keith: You OK Sarah?

Sarah: Yeah

Keith and Chris: Good.

Value of Physical Mediumship Research and Development

The experiences people have in physical mediumship circles are so dramatic that they change participants’ perspectives on life and the nature of existence. The person experiencing a reunion with a materialized loved one who has been gone for years has a profound change of view about life and the transition called death. The sitters experiencing the reunion are transformed as well.

AREI believes there are many physical and trance mediums in the general population. They just aren’t discovered and nurtured. If hundreds of physical mediums were demonstrating to groups of people that life does not end with the death transition, large numbers of people would experience life changes.

Projects Needing Funding

Identification of Physical Mediums

This project will teach people about physical mediumship and the signs that someone might have physical mediumship abilities. Physical mediums have a substance called ectoplasm that emerges from their body to make things happen in the room, including materializations. A person with physical mediumship ability is unique. At present, there only a few dozen physical mediums in the world.

This project will encourage people to sit in circles from which physical and trance mediums may evolve. The project will nurture and maintain the circles over the many years it takes to develop a physical medium, maintaining contact and networking the circles for mutual benefit. As physical mediums emerge, AREI will help the circles to nurture them.

Development of Materials for Use by Physical Circles

AREI will research the highest quality media about forming physical mediumship circles to disseminate to developing groups. AREI will also study mature and emerging circles to document the progression of development for use by other circles. Special attention will be paid to how the physical mediums develop.

Discovery of Whether Physical Mediumship Can Develop in Alternative Ways

At the end of the twentieth century, circles such as the Scole Research Group began to experience “energy” manifestations. They didn’t require a physical medium with ectoplasm. In the Scole group, the circle experienced many remarkable physical occurrences, such as raps, taps, ringing bells, splashes of water, levitation of objects, objects appearing from nowhere, and light shows. The sitters heard voices of people from the other side, experienced spirit beings in the room, and had images and drawings appear on undeveloped photographic film.

Only energy was necessary for these phenomena, not ectoplasm. The Scole Experimental Group did have individuals who have a special ability, but it could be that more of these individuals are in the population than are physical mediums. This AREI project will study energy forms of physical mediumship to see what is necessary for circles to have the phenomena the Scole Research Group experienced. The goal will be to establish circles in which energy forms of physical mediumship develop.

Providing Evidence of the Reality of the Life after Life

In this project, AREI will endeavor to find ways of providing evidence of the validity of the physical phenomena so they can be disseminated to the general population. If possible, video and audio recording of events will be undertaken and documentaries of the results will be produced. This evidence of the reality of the occurrences will help to convince large numbers of people that life does not end at the death transition, loved ones are imminently available, and the next plane of life intersects with this.

Using Physical Mediumship Communication for Research

In this project, AREI will use the connections made in physical mediumship circles to interview people living in spirit about topics such as their lives there, conditions on the next plane of life, spirituality, the way phenomena such as materializations occur, and a multitude of other such topics. Researchers will be invited to have dialogues with those in spirit as part of their research.