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Materializations in Red Light ~ The Felix Circle

Medium Kai Muegge and the Felix Circle have been working toward the goal of having physical manifestations in red light and eventually white light for many years. Remarkably, they have succeeded in having materializations in red light.

This is the Felix Circle’s account. You can read the full account at this link: Felix Circle account

The November 2017 advanced séance was starting with a lot of spirit and philosophy for the twenty sitters, then the many materialized objects that were in the possession of those sitters were brought forward and in the most colorful light these were then ‘energized’ by my Spirit Team.

When I am entranced by the team, they use my bare hands. In them, they hold materialized stones of different color, which like explode there, so that the whole room submerges into that color and the sitters as well.

A lot of objects were again spiritually manufactured by the team, stones small and big, figurines, a lot of objects again were falling from eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Impressively, they usually in the midst of the control’s speech to the sitters in red light fill up the mouth massively, so that talking has to pause until everything is extruded…

Now it was time and the spirit control announced that the sitters would witness tonite a materialization of beforehand unreached completion. Everybody was amazed!

And only a few seconds afterwards Julia was already hearing the signal for the red light.
What was then revealed to the sitters was an unbelievably well visible spirit entity! My communicator Hans said to the sitters that they were privileged tonight to encounter one of ‘the most renowned humanoid doorkeepers both from the heydays of the movement and from modern times also!’

Felix Circle Materialization